Company administration

Bellerive Trust provides full incorporation and administration services for Guernsey companies.

Through agents, we can also establish companies registered in many other jurisdictions, and arrange for administration to be undertaken by us in Guernsey and Alderney.


Uses of companies

Companies can be formed to hold a wide range of quoted and non-quoted assets – such as real estate, fine art or luxury yachts. Companies can also be used as parent / holding entities, or as special purpose vehicles for international financing transactions.


Our services include:
  • Company incorporation
  • Providing the Directors and Company Secretary
  • Providing corporate nominee shareholders
  • Providing a Guernsey or Alderney registered office and acting as Registered Agent (please note these are not offered as stand-alone services)
  • Issuing share certificates and maintaining company registers – shareholders, directors etc.
  • Arranging statutory filings with the company registry – annual validations, special resolutions
  • Ongoing company administration and preparing necessary director and shareholder resolutions
  • Bookkeeping and preparation of financial statements (to international accounting standards if needed, such as IFRS)


Guernsey companies

For clients seeking to utilise Guernsey-registered companies, the island’s modern company registry permits 24 hour online incorporations and rapid statutory filings of special resolutions, changes of directors etc.

There is choice of different company types, which include:

  • Limited by shares – where the members’ liability is limited to any unpaid amounts on shares
  • Protected Cell Company (PCC) – a single entity where assets can be transferred and held in separate cells, which are protected from the creditors of other cells
  • Incorporated Cell Company (ICC) – similar to a PCC, but each cell is a separately incorporated legal entity, separated from the ‘core’ ICC itself

Other advantages include:

  • Objects – A Guernsey company can have unlimited objects. Upon incorporation, the Guernsey Registry will provide standard, unlimited objects. However, we can arrange for bespoke objects to be drafted if required.
  • Share capital – An authorised share capital is no longer required, but can be defined if needed.
  • Share types – The types of shares that can be issued are ordinary shares, redeemable shares and preference shares.
  • Currency of shares – Shares can be denominated in any currency, with share classes in different currencies also permitted. The shares may have a nominal or no par value.


The benefits of Guernsey

Guernsey is a leading corporate jurisdiction and benefits from modern laws, a well-established judicial system, an excellent infrastructure of banks, auditors and law firms, and a convenient time zone which covers Europe, Americas, the Middle East as well as overlap with the Far East.

Bellerive Trust makes use of Guernsey’s modern and innovative laws to establish companies holding various assets, with the appropriate segregation of risks away from other related entities. The assets of our companies range from substantial web-based trading enterprises, to yachts, artwork and intellectual property

Matt Burnham, Head of Gaming Operations

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